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Topical Benefits of CBD

Hemp Extract, also known as CBD, has traditionally been taken orally in the form of tincture droplets. With the help of carrier oils, (Cold-Pressed Cranberry Seed Oil is, of course, our favorite!) CBD is ingested under the tongue, where it’s countless benefits then kick into action. We get a lot of questions around how a newer form of CBD usage works; topical application. And the truth is–topical application of CBD goes deep beneath the surface. 

Modulate Pain and Inflammatory Response

We talked in our last blog post about the numerous benefits of CBD. If you’ve read that, you already know that CBD works by stimulating the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates appetite, mood, pain, and pleasure sensations. Cannabinoids like CBD  can activate our body’s endocannabinoid system by binding to cell receptors in the skin, muscle tissues, and nerves. While tincture droplets that are absorbed under the tongue enter the bloodstream via mucus membrane, topical CBD is absorbed by dermal and subdermal layers of the skin. And research shows that it’s still reaching the ECS!

Emma Chasen, co-founder of cannabis education firm Eminent, says, “There is research to support that phytocannabinoids, like CBD, interact with receptors and other enzymatic factors within our skin that modulate pain and inflammation. Because the skin is actually quite thick, when you apply CBD cream, the CBD soaks into the skin but does not make it to the bloodstream. It interacts with CB1 receptors and other receptor families such as the TRPV receptors and factors such as PPAR-gamma and COX-½ and TNF-alpha. With these interactions, CBD can modulate the pain and inflammatory response.”

Effective Pain and Symptom Management

We know that’s a lot of science talk, but the key takeaway is that CBD does not need to be orally ingested in order to be beneficial. In fact, for certain ailments, topical CBD can be more effective. A case report published in the January 2017 issue of “Journal of Pain and Symptom Management” showed that CBD applied topically could offer effective pain and symptom management in healing malignant wounds. “Much of the scientific evidence points to CBD’s ability to modulate pain, inflammation and the histamine response when applied topically.” Chasen said.  

And the benefits don’t stop there. The Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network posted an article discussing the possible benefits of CBD for pain related to arthritis. In 2017, the University of Colorado published a  report in the “Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology” stating that cannabis topicals appear effective in treating several skin conditions, ranging from psoriasis, to severe itching, and atopic and contact dermatitis. 

All in all, this research supports claims that topical CBD application can diminish redness, painful arthritic joints, and quicken the healing process of surface level wounds. 

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