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How to Handle “Re-Entering” Anxiety

We have all had to make major adjustments to our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Offices closed, restaurants only offered takeout, and gatherings with friends and family were largely prohibited. As vaccines are distributed and hope for entering our new normal rises, an unsuspected worry is taking hold of countless Americans; “re-entering anxiety.” Making major adjustments to our lives for the second time in a year can take a serious toll on mental health, especially if you’ve become properly adjusted to (or even enjoy) spending more time alone on your couch in sweats. Here’s 3 ways you can ease back into society while taking care of yourself.

1. Practice Being in the Present Moment

Many of us may find crowded areas overwhelming after being cooped up at home for months on end–especially if you still have lingering fears of catching the virus. If you’re out and about and start to feel anxiety trickling in, take slow, deep breaths and try to focus on one physical thing around you. Bring yourself back to reality by feeling a blade of grass, listening carefully to the words of a song, or noticing the clouds or sunshine in the sky. Another helpful way to stay grounded is taking your daily dose of CBD. Early studies show that regular use of CBD oil may be beneficial at reducing anxiety behaviors and it is a gentle way of doing so.

2. Pick Up Outdoor Walking or Running

You might laugh at considering a walk outside “exposure therapy,” but hear us out. As the weather warms up and restrictions loosen, more people will head outdoors, and you’ll likely find yourself amongst more people than you have in months. Not only does a brisk walk get your blood pumping and increase endorphins, it’s a great way to ease into being in crowded places with statistics on your side (studies show that COVID-19 is less transmissible when outside). Just make sure you’re caring for your body with a long stretch before and after working out, and reduce inflammation with a self-massage using our Silq™ Cran-Relief+ CBD Body Balm! 

3. Set Aside Time for Yourself

As offices, gyms, restaurants, and businesses open, you’ll likely find yourself re-adjusting your schedule. Things like commuting, eating out with friends, or other leisure activities will feel freeing – but you may feel surprised at how little time you now have for yourself. Overstimulating yourself with too much too soon can lead to stress, so it’s important to set aside time to check in with yourself. A hot bath with our Silq™ Bubbly Bath Crystals is the perfect “me-time” activity, and the CBD formula can help ease tension and relax your body.

4. Give Yourself Grace

All change can be hard – even if it is good change.  We are all anxious to get back to normal – whatever that will look like – but in the process be sure to give yourself grace. Know that some days will be better than others, and you are not in a competition to handle all the changes perfectly. Take care of your mind, body, and spirit. Cherish your valued friendships. Read good books. Listen to your favorite music. Exercise. Eat well. Get enough sleep. Create a wellness or self-care routine that supports your needs and lifestyle. We are here to support you, too!  Visit us at and tell us your story!

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