3x more effective cbd with Cranberry Seed Oils

Meet the CBD That’s 3x More Effective

We built Mother Nature’s Trading Company® around one of the most powerful ingredients found in nature: Cold-Pressed Cranberry Seed Oil. Not only is this all-natural substance packed with vitamins, nutrients, and all three balanced omegas, it has a unique property that no other carrier oil can do: it increases the absorption of CBD three-fold.

What is Absorption Rate?

Absorption rate is the amount of CBD (also known as Hemp Extract) that your body actually ends up using. Absorption rate is primarily affected by how you administer CBD, whether it’s through inhalation, topical use, or oral ingestion. One of the most effective and safe ways of ingesting CBD is through the sublingual gland directly under the tongue, which allows it to be  absorbed directly into the bloodstream. But reports show that even when orally ingested, its bioavailability (the rate and degree at which any substance is absorbed into the body) is only between 12-35%.

How Does Cranberry Seed Oil Increase Absorption?

This is where our powerful Cranberry Seed Oil enters the picture. All CBD tincture formulas include a carrier oil; a plant-derived fatty oil that’s used to carry the CBD. These oils are essential to make CBD less irritating to the digestive tract and to help increase absorption.

Most companies use MCT oil, olive oil, or even avocado oil in their formulas. But through extensive research, Mother Nature’s Trading Company® has discovered that Cold-Pressed Cranberry Seed Oil helps CBD to be absorbed more effectively than any other carrier oil.

A study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that the co-administration of cannabinoids with cranberry lipids enhanced the bioavailability of Hemp Extract by 3X. This profound increase in exposure significantly impacts the therapeutic effects of Hemp Extract. The larger the bioavailability, and therefore the larger the exposure, the more effective your CBD will be.

The unique components of Cranberry Seed Oil have strong endocannabinoid properties, making it the ideal carrier oil for our Hemp Extract. 

Why Are Cranology+™ Products Different?

In an age where self-care is of the utmost importance, more and more people are turning to CBD as a means of mental, physical, and spiritual upkeep. One dose of our Cranology+™ tinctures offer the same therapeutic benefits of three doses of our leading competitors.

Our formulas are made with pure, all-natural, Cold-Pressed Cranberry Seed Oil from a family-owned farm right here in our home state of Wisconsin, and we never use artificial ingredients. Just one dose a day offers vitamins, minerals, essential omegas, and high quality CBD. 

Support your health, mind, and body and try it for yourself! Discover the Difference!

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