“I was at the point that I was going to talk to my doctor about trying to get a couple of thumb joints replaced. Then I started taking Cranology+™ (tincture) and using the roll-on. I continue to use the Cranology+™ and occasionally use the roll-on and now my thumb feels as good as it did 20 years ago. For me it has been AMAZING.”
Al Anding on Cranology+™ Tinctures
“I am so happy to see these great products on Facebook. The bath crystals are so good. I take foot baths with 1/3 of a bag in the water and cannot believe how great they make my feet feel and give me such a feeling well being all over. As far as the doggy treats go, the pups at Christmas time followed me around after I gave them the treats. They know a good thing when they get it.”
Karis McKinney on Mother Nature’s Trading Company™ products – especially the Silq™ Bubbly Bath Cystals and the Cowboy Up™ Dog Bites.
“Just tried it out. Works awesome. Super simple to use and FAST!”
Alan Herman commenting on the PurLite™ product.
“This is Tony, 73-year-old horse shoer. I just gave him some of the single doses to try for horses that will not stand still when shoeing.
Usually for problem horses he has to use Dormosedan. That requires a vet prescription and costs him $32 per dose.
Our single doses work for this application. Cheaper. No prescription necessary. No pharmaceutical chemicals. All natural.
Tony shoes over 200 horses per month.”
Cowboy Up® - Horse CBD Testimonial - Mother Nature's Trading Company®
“My friend has a masters in sport’s therapy and I gave her a sample of the Silq Cran-Relief Body Balm. She said it was a miracle.”
Beth Sager commenting on Silq Cran-Relief Body Balm
“This stuff works. It really works.”
After evaluating Cowboy Up Equine Tincture.
Dr. Mike Vickers DVM, Texas Animal Health Commission
“I was waiting to give you an update on Miley (my dog). We had been using another product but switched to yours. I can tell you already that she responds much better to yours! I’ve been pleasantly surprised!”
Schell Hammel on Cowboy Up™ Dog Bites
“The folks at Mother Nature’s Trading Company went above and beyond the call of duty to help get my PurLite units delivered to me.”
William Moore on Customer Service
“Thank you for your generous gift of the 4 gallons of Cranberry Seed Oil, and dog treats. Our four-legged friends on the farm have graciously been using your products. Your contribution helps us to achieve this mission and provide a life for these 50 horses that would not be otherwise be possible.”
Deana Mancuso, Director, Lucky Orphan Horse Rescue
“I wanted to let you know I tried your bath bomb…it was amazing.
It was better than anything I had ever used before, exactly what I hoped it would be. I was never more relaxed coming out of a bath, all my pains, and everything that was bothering me was gone, and I had the best night’s sleep.
It was amazing, and I would buy it all day long.
Stan, on Silq Bubbly Bath Crystals, Southern California
“Finally used the bath salts after several hours of strenuous physical labor. Before the bath, my muscles were seriously sore and tightening. After, they were all completely relaxed, so much so that I feel asleep with my phone in my hand still wrapped in my drying towel.
Best part is that my muscles are not as sore today as I thought they would be. That is GREAT. I was expecting to be in a lot of pain.”
April Meyers, on Silq Bubbly Bath Crystals, Connecticut
“It’s good stuff! Settles my pain down - different effect than other pain remedies I have. Doesn’t eliminate it, but that would be a really tall order. I also put it on my husband’s back when I give him a backrub. He thinks it makes a difference too, and he really likes the smell. We’re sold on it! The amazing thing is it lasts a really long time. So overall, it’s a 5-star review.”
Pat Knutson on Silq™ Cran-Relief+ Body Balm
“This is awesome. My hands do not ache anymore. And I love the smell of it.”
Sandy Sullivan commenting on Facebook about Silq™ Cranberry & Lemon Hand Wash
“Check out the awesome product line, cranberry Seed oil has three times the absorption rate, universally healthy, on all fronts, and infused in all their products!!”
Brandon Mehring on Facebook
“My friend Stacey ordered the dog treats this week and said they are miracles. Her dog who would not move and now is doing circles on the dog treats! LOL She was skeptical at first that why she ordered more when she saw the benefits.”
Beth Sager commenting on Cowboy Up Dog Bites

Debbie Roth, on her horse, Talia.

"So I have been using the Cran-Relief on my knee. I have a Baker’s cyst and arthritis. The cyst was really swollen. Filled with fluid. Making it painful behind the knee and bending. It is much better now. It took a while, but there is a significant change. My knee is better. Not as painful. It is working. I Have had injections in my knee and was considering getting more. I don’t need to now."
Oriannah Paul on Silq Cran-Relief Body Balm, Oostburg, Wisconsin

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