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Sharyn Jordan - Mother Nature's Trading Company Affiliate


I am enjoying these wonderful products. The Cranology+™ Cold-Pressed Cranberry Seed Oil combined with the Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD) is unbelievable with its soothing effects, and I have noticed the improvement in my skin and hair, probably due to the Cranberry Seed Oil since it is a natural combination of Omega 3-6-9.  I’m looking forward to trying all current and future products from Mother Nature’s Trading Company™ and I hope you will try them, too.  You can order from this website or call me if you want more information.


P.S. Mother Nature’s Trading Company™ also has a Cowboy Up™ product line that includes products for animals.  I have found them to be great, too! I had a sample of their Cowboy Up™ Dog Bites and gave one to a friend’s little 12 year-old dog who is generally tired, lacking energy, with the usual doggy aches and problems.  The dog loved the Dog Bites and within a short while was skipping around and much livelier. The Cranology+™ Cranberry Seed Oil and Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD) seems to have helped. My friend wants to get more treats for him as soon as possible.

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