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My name is Sandy Sullivan. I am an author, teacher, artist, businesswoman and motivational speaker. In other words, I am a very busy, active person. As well as partaking in my hectic schedule, I also join in the fun activities of my young family. However, I have been noticing most recently, that I struggle to keep up with them and this hasn’t been easy for me to accept.

I’m in my late seventies so you are probably saying, “Well, no wonder, lady. You’re getting old.”

And I say, “Oh, no. I’m not. But even if I am, I am going to fight it as long as I can.”

So, I have been searching for something that may potentially inhibit my discomforts. My friend told me about Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD) so I figured, why not try it. Then I learned it was combined with Cold-pressed Cranberry Seed Oil. I asked, “What’s that?” and I found out it is a natural blend of Omega 3-6-9 acids. Good stuff! WOW!

The combination of Cold-Pressed Cranberry Seed oil and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, made me realize I had hit the jack pot. I encourage everyone to try these products. You have nothing to lose. Just try them.

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