PurLite™ UV-C Sanitizer Box


UV Disinfection Box | Kills 99.99 Percent Germs | Medical Grade Hospital Trusted

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Although not part of our regular product line, we are pleased to offer the amazing PurLite sanitization unit as a way to help you protect your family’s health. We can highly recommend this product and offer it as an added value to our customers.

✔️MEDICAL GRADE: Designed For Home Use – Kills 99.9% of Harmful Germs Including Salmonella, E. Coli and Flu Viruses
✔️ULTRA FAST EASY TO USE – Disinfects in 30 seconds – Industry Leading sanitization speed.
✔️PATENTED DESIGN – Compact design allows you to place PurLite Home anywhere and blends right into your everyday life with our Unique 360 Degree cleaning capability
✔️MULTI PURPOSE – Sterilize and Disinfect any item that fits into the compartment from glasses to wallet, and phones and toys.

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