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My name is Beth Sager, and I currently live in Santa Clarita, California, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. My husband and I are empty nesters, as we have two children – a boy and a girl, both in college out of state. Growing up, I lived for a short time in Alta Loma (now Santa Fe), Texas, where my passion for horses began.

I am currently the proud owner of a locally popular, 30-year old Pony of America (POA) named Mr. Pete. Earlier this year, Mr. Pete’s age really began to take a toll and it got to the point where he could hardly move or walk. After months of watching him be mostly immobile and in pain, I was faced with the heartbreaking emotional decision of probably having to put him down. A close friend and fellow equine owner recommended that I try a new product he had come across – Cowboy Up™ Equine Tincture, with Cranology® Cranberry Seed Oil and Hemp Extract (CBD). He was so convinced it would help Mr. Pete that he gave me a bottle to try.

I began to see amazing results within a week as my beloved pony began to walk and even run again! I then took him off the Bute and Equioxx NSAID medications that I had been giving him, and at this writing it is a month later and he is still walking and behaving just as he did years ago.

Beth Sager - Mother Nature's Trading Company® affiliate

It is amazing! This is not an exaggeration or paid testimonial, but I am simply explaining what I saw with my own eyes as my pony’s health and vitality improved. I was impressed with the results from Cowboy Up™ and so were others who also saw the positive effects it had on my pony. Of course, they also wanted to try this product, and many asked me how to get it.

Due to the positive results I experienced with my own pony, and the high demand for the product, I decided to become an affiliate for Mother Nature’s Trading Company™ to further promote their natural and beneficial products.

Please contact me if you have questions about Mr. Pete or would like to order product. I want to help you and your horses to experience the same positive results we did! Thank you.

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